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Hi, I'm Harry, the founder of Colne Valley Honey. My journey as a beekeeper began when I was travelling in Australia and found myself working with bees. I fell in love with the craft and spent three years tending to the bees and learning everything I could about honey production.

I take pride in producing the purest and most natural honey possible using ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices. I prioritize my bees' health and well-being and ensure they're free to roam and forage in Buckinghamshire's lush and diverse landscapes. I harvest the honey directly from the hive and use a clean and simple extraction process to preserve its unique flavours and aromas.

Every jar of Colne Valley Honey is a testament to the hard work of my bees. By choosing my honey, you're supporting independent beekeeping and embracing a natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for considering Colne Valley Honey for your honey needs.


Honey Harvest

Indulge in the purest and most natural form of sweetness with Colne Valley Honey, a handcrafted honey produced by an independent beekeeper. Our honey is sourced directly from the hive, ensuring you get the freshest and highest quality honey possible. Made with passion and care, Colne Valley Honey is the perfect choice for those looking to buy honey online.

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Cut Comb

Cut Comb is the purest form of honey. Cleverly crafted by bees and sealed with a layer of wax, these delicious little hexagonal shapes bursting with honey. They are sourced from the best frames of comb in the hive, with fresh white wax, with each cell containing a taste time capsule of the flora flowing in that part of the season when capped by the bees.

Limited supply each season.

Sold Out!

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Soft Set  Honey Coming Soon!

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